Sunday, December 7, 2014

Stumble on Trumbull

Hey everyone, hope all is well with all of you.

The 'Stumble on Trumbull' show at Cece's Pub in Corktown Detroit started last night and it was a great turnout overall.  Everyone seemed to have a great time checking out all the art from many local Michigan artists including yours truly, Erick Guiterrez, Anne Garavaglia, Kelly Nemzek, Ted Woods, Bruce Gerlach, John Marroquin, Tony Miello, Jay Fosgitt, Christopher Sanchez and many others.  If you're in the area any time now until Saturday the 20th, you should definitely check it out.  Here is what I have (had) on display:

The Joker and Darth Vader are already claimed, but The Governor, Bane, and Daft Punk are still up, along with many pieces and prints from myself and the artists I mentioned previously; so there's something for everyone, so check it out!

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Hey everyone, back this weekend with a short, but sweet, post.

In just two weeks, on Saturday, December 6th, I will be part of the 'Stumble on Trumbull' show at Cece's pub in Corktown Detroit.

I will have a few paintings there, along with all of my prints, and I'm thinking of doing a special for them just for the opening night.  In the meantime, here's the official flyer for the event:

Until next week...

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fantasticon and things to come.

Ok, I completely forgot last weeks post, so for the 3 of you that actually read this, I'm back!

Last Saturday was Fantasticon at the Gibraltor Trade Center in Mount Clemens, and overall it ended up being a really fun show.  Local talent including Source Point Press, The Michigan Comics Collective, Jeff Sornig, Bruce Gerlach, Erick Guiterrez, and "Oprah Rich" Demone Amerson all had a good showing.  Everyone had a good time, and the organizers put on a great show.

Photo courtesy of Paul "Gentle Giant" Woods.

If you have been keeping an eye on my Facebook page (, you will have noticed I have been doing a few paintings recently.  Well, there are a few reasons as to why. 1) I need to get back into the game and 2) I will be doing a show starting December 6th in Detroit, but that's all I can say at the moment.  I should have details VERY soon, as in the coming week.

One last thing: Christmas is fast approaching, and I'm shamelessly plugging my etsy shop at  Most of my prints are up there including my Avengers (sold as set only), Tron, Walking Dead, and my most recent hits: Godzilla and King Kong.  I'm known to throw in a few extra goodies such as a sketch or two when people order from my etsy store too!

Until next time!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Inktober Finale and Fantasticon!

Hey everyone, we'll start off this weeks post with the remaining entries for 'Inktober'.


 Dr. Zaius!

 General Thade.

 Paul Gray.


Drew this last night at The Loft in Mount Clemens, where we held a special Motor City Sketch getogether.  It was a great turnout.  Here are a few other pics from the event:

 Yours truly.

(photo credit goes to Kelly Nemzek and Deborah Benedic, who hosted the event).

Alright, lastly I will be a the Fantasticon next weekend (Saturday, November 8th) at the Gibraltor Trade Center in Mount Clemens.  I will be sharing space with local artist Jeff Sornig (follow him on Instagram @sornigrafix), and a few other locals such as Bruce Gerlach, "Diamond" Demone Amerson, and Erick Guiterrez will be there as well. Should be a good time.  For more info, check out

Until then...

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Inktober continues...

I missed last weekends post due to being out of town for a friend's wedding, but here are the other Inktober sketches I have done in between.  I missed two from the weekend I was gone.

 Finished up my series of 'Batman the Animated Series' card with Killer Croc.

For the sake of being on top of Inktober, I decided to do another series. This time, I decided to go with Slipknot, who just released a new album this past week.  

The entire band.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Monroe Comic Con and Inktober

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I missed last week's post.  So for the 5 of you that actually read this, I apologize. But, this week is a double-dose, so it's all good.

Last Saturday was the second annual Monroe Comic Con and Card show in Monroe, MI. and to say it was a good time would be an understatement.  From what I hear, the attendance was three times as much as last years show, and the size of the show as twice as big.  Not too shabby.  Here are a few pics I managed to scavange:

Unbeknownst to you, but knownst to me, Lil' Skeletor here loved the Captain America sketch I did for him.

 Hanging out with Kasey Pierce (

I really don't know.

Since October 1st, "Inktober" has been going on.  The premise is that every day you draw something up and ink it (get it?) and share your work.  Well, so far, so good, as I've been able to keep up the pace, but I've always tended to add a bit of color.  Here's where I am, up to today:

 Dr. Manhattan

 The Scarecrow


 A rather shitty version of Clayface



 Poison Ivy

 Ras Al' Ghul

 Mr. Freeze

 Clayface (much better version)


The Joker

If you don't already, follow me on Instagram (@jasondraws), as I post there first, then my Facebook page:

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Catching up and Monroe Comic Con

Hey everyone.  I missed last weeks post because I was coming home from Grand Con in Grand Rapids and the week was pretty hectic.  But nonetheless, I'm back.

Grand Con ended up being a really good experience and an eye-opener for many.  For those not aware, Grand Con is billed as a "Comics and Gaming Convention", but tends to lean a little more to the gaming side, not that there's anything wrong with that, but I think they should just stick to the gaming show as it seems there are far less shows of that kind than comic cons (in which the market is becoming over-saturated).  And with the Grand Rapids Comic Con on the horizon in November, it seemed that many people wanting the comics side of things are holding out for that show, as Grand Con's attendance were mostly gamers.  Again, nothing wrong with that at all, but the promoters should do some reevaluating for next years show.  The show itself was vey well organized, the volunteers were incredibly friendly and helpful, and everyone in attendance seemed to genuinely have a good time.

I was with the Michigan Comics Collective for the weekend who were promoting their brand-spanking new anthology book which was created entirely by Michigan artists.  It's a very cool book and they should all be very proud of it.  For more info on the collective and to snag a copy go to

Here are a couple sketches a did during the event:

 Davy Jones from the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' films.

The Eater of Worlds.  WWE Superstar, Bray Wyatt.

Now, next Saturday (October 4th), I will be in attendance at the Monroe Comic Con in Monroe, MI.  This is the second year for this show and from what I have heard, it was a great time last year.  Other local artists including Tony Miello, Ted Woods, and Jay Shimko will be there as well along with Kosmic Kasey ( who will be doing her famed "Kids and Kosplay".  For more info check out their Facebook page at

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Grand Con!

Hey everyone, this is pretty much a last minute deal, but I'm going to be at the 2014 GrandCon Gaming and Comics Convention in Grand Rapids next weekend (Sept. 19-21) at the Crowne Plaza Hotel and Convention Center.  I will be there along with The Michigan Comics Collective, Killustration Studios, Source Point Press, Dirk Manning, Seth Damoose and a slew of other Michigan-based creators.  Should be a really good time, so come on out if you're in the area!

For more info check out:

And in the spirit of posting some artwork, here are a couple sketch covers I recently whipped up:

 The Governor from 'The Walking Dead'

Harvey Dent aka 'Two-Face'

See you next weekend!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hollywood is Dead!

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!  I hope you all are having a nice, relaxing vacation weekend.  I'm being a vampire and staying inside; I'm over the heat.

Earlier this year I took part in the "Hollywood is Dead" trading card set from Rocket Ink Studios.  The "Hollywood is Dead" series is a collection of Michigan illustrator Matt Busch's zombified work based on classic movie posters crossing all genres. Coinciding with Matt's newly released coffee table book of the same name, the trading card set is now available for purchase, and is a must for zombie lovers and collectors.  Many other Michigan artists contributed 10 sketch cards that are included one to each pack making them highly collectible.

For my 10 cards, I chose to do a series of all James Bond characters, primarily villains.  This was probably the most fun I've had working on a set as I'm a HUGE 007 fan.  

 Baron Samedi

 Ernst Stavro Blofeld

 James Bond

 Dr. No


 Emilio Largo





If you want to score a pack of the limited edition cards from Rocket Ink Studios, visit them at: and you just might score one of mine!  I also have a few blank AP's (or artist proofs), feel free to shoot me a line for a commission.