Saturday, October 19, 2013

Grand Rapids Comic Con thoughts and Detroit Fanfare

Ok folks, I meant to post sooner, but this weekend has been pretty crazy.  Nonetheless I am back, so let's get to it.

  The 1st annual Grand Rapids Comic Con was this past weekend (Oct. 12th), at the HSB Building in Wyoming, Michigan.  I must say, WOW.  I don't think anyone could have EVER thought the turnout would have been like it was that day.  Grand Rapids has been longing for something like this for a very long time; there isn't much else in Michigan: Cherry Capital Con (North), Motor City Comic Con, and Detroit Fanfare (both in the east side of the state).  Grand Rapids is booming in the areas of art, music, and theatre, and there really isn't much for the comic/pop culture group of people there.

  To put it mildly, the Grand Rapids Comic Con was a MASSIVE success.  I don't know the final head count, but from what I heard a little over 2,000 was turned away; the building couldn't keep up with the demand.  The building was absolutely pack from the opening until about 5 o' clock (it ended at 6).  The people were fantastic, the volunteers did their best under the circumstances, and everyone seemed to have a great time.  It didn't hurt that I did VERY well.  All in all, a fantastic time and I won't hesitate to do that show again.  Of course, they're moving to a bigger venue next year.

  Next weekend is the Detroit Fanfare comic convention in Dearborn, MI. at the Adoba hotel.  This is a very fun show as it is centered on those who create comics, both illustrators and writers.  I won't list everything that's going on because, quite frankly, there's too much to list.  For the rundown of the events check out:

Speaking of Detroit Fanfare, there are two exclusive books being released at the show that I was able to take part of.  The first,  'The Book of Tarot' from Transfuzion Publishing, is an introduction to the world of Tarot cards, accompanied by illustrations by artists that will be at the show!  I chose to illustrate the card 'Judgment':

My take on 'Judgment' was heavily influenced by Davy Jones from the Pirates of the Caribbean films; I even gave him a hat similar to Davy's as a nod.  Once a person dies, everything goes black.  Their soul awakens on a pathway and he/she is greated by a man with no name.  He doesn't say anything, but he holds a lantern in each hand.  Each lantern represents the judgment of the deceased; if the lantern in his right hand lights up, everlasting life in paradise awaits.   However, if the lantern in his left hand glows, purgetory forevermore.  I'm very happy with how this turned out.

The second book, 'Zelda's Zombie Zoo' written by Gary Reed and published by Binary Publications, is a children's book about Zelda, a tour guide, who takes the reader through her zoo....full of zombified animals!  I chose to illustrate the hyena:

Again, both books will be released excusively at Detroit Fanfare, with all contributing artists on hand to sign their contributions for the books!

That's it for now; I'm aiming to post one more time before Fanfare with my entire 'countdown' of sorts I've been posting on Instagram (for those interested, @jasondraws is my username).

Thanks for reading!