Wednesday, March 27, 2013

C2E2 is coming up

Hey folks, I've been meaning to post again for quite some time, but I'm glad I head off a bit as I have quite a few things to show.  C2E2 is coming up next month in Chicago, Illinois and I cannot be more excited for it.  I've been busting my rump trying to get new stuff done and ready.  Here we go.

First up: The Avengers.  These have done very well at the past few shows I've done and this time around I wanted to get top-notch quality prints done.  Long story short, when I got a new laptop the chord that went from my external hard drive to my old laptop didn't match up, so I finally got a new chord and when I went to get the files from the hard drive....they weren't there.  So I figured, what the hell, I'll just do them over and spruce them up a bit; I think they look infinitely better.  I even completely redid Thor (truth be told I never really cared for the original one), and come to pass the new one is probably my favorite.  If you've seen the original ones and compared them to the new ones, you'll notice I've made some changes, and I think they were for the better.

OK, next up is Bond.  James Bond.  I'm a HUGE 007 nut, and after seeing Skyfall I wanted to do a series of 007 prints somewhat similar to the Avengers ones.  Well, I didn't get to do Quantum of Solace, nor Skyfall, but I did do Casino Royale (easily in my top 3 favorite Bond films).  Somewhere down the line I'll do the other two.

Whew.  Almost done.  OK, onto the last two I will have on hand.  Season 3 of The Walking Dead has been kicking me in the nuts...and I actually enjoy it.  I've decided to give my original piece a facelift, much like The Avengers, but in the process I decided to do another one altogether.

OK, so there you have it.  These are a few of the things I'll have on hand at C2E2 next month AND Motor City Comic Con in May, but obviously I'll get to that soon.  I hope.