Sunday, December 7, 2014

Stumble on Trumbull

Hey everyone, hope all is well with all of you.

The 'Stumble on Trumbull' show at Cece's Pub in Corktown Detroit started last night and it was a great turnout overall.  Everyone seemed to have a great time checking out all the art from many local Michigan artists including yours truly, Erick Guiterrez, Anne Garavaglia, Kelly Nemzek, Ted Woods, Bruce Gerlach, John Marroquin, Tony Miello, Jay Fosgitt, Christopher Sanchez and many others.  If you're in the area any time now until Saturday the 20th, you should definitely check it out.  Here is what I have (had) on display:

The Joker and Darth Vader are already claimed, but The Governor, Bane, and Daft Punk are still up, along with many pieces and prints from myself and the artists I mentioned previously; so there's something for everyone, so check it out!