Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Detroit Fanfare 2011 Recap

Ren Cen.

Well, it's been a while since I've updated this and to be honest I was pretty burned out for a while after Fanfare. Looking back on the event, I have no complaints. It was even bigger than last year, and overall a much more enjoyable event. These conventions are learning experiences and there's so much to take in, but it's completely worth it in every aspect. I made some new connections, made some new friends, and took in alot of inspiration. This scruffy guy can't complain. Onto a few select shots...

Good ol' table set up. The thing is, my fellow artist and good friend Andrew Shirey and I were going to split a table, but during set up, one of the volunteers approached and informed us that the guy next to us cancelled, so we ended up having tables to ourselves. Win!

Myself, Kara Pierce (rad chick), and "Hollywood" Jay Shimko

Group shot of our crew (and some new friends) along with.....wait for it......Brian O'Halloran (Dante)!

My studly self along with Dante. Very cool guy!

Best Costume Award.

In other news:

-"My Father's Keeper", the short story I did coloring work for is FINALLY printing and should be available soon. I'll keep everyone posted. I've also begun the coloring work for the second part of the story.

-I'll be on a few upcoming sketch card sets from Strictly Ink which I'm pretty stoked about including The Avengers 50th Anniversary and Night of the Living Dead.

That's about it. Peace!