Monday, June 4, 2012

Motor City Comic Con 2012

Hey everyone, I meant to post a follow up earlier, but I've been pretty busy with freelance, work, and other personal issues. Nonetheless, MCCC this year was a great success. The show seems to be profitable for most artists and the people who attend seem to really embrace the work all the artists put out. This year I shared a table with Ted Woods who had his first MCCC experience. Every show you are part of is a different experience as you don't know what people are into at the moment or how they will respond to the art in general, but I've always done very well in Novi and this year was no different. Doing shows like these is a learning experience; seeing what other artists have is a huge inspiration, how to display your work, what work you are displaying, etc. I've taken away mental notes that will no doubt help me in the future; I just need to do more shows in general. The Avengers prints I had on hand were a HUGE success and people loved them. If anyone is interested in snagging one, or all four, let me know. They're 11x17, and you can get one for $10 or the whole set for $35. Here are a few select pictures of some of the costumed guests on hand: As you can see there were some pretty colorful costumes. I personally loved the Bane outfit; I gotta get that mask. In other news I'm lined up to be a part of quite a few sketch card sets that will be coming out in the near future including The Avengers 50th Anniversary and Night of the Living Dead. I'm almost done with both of those sets and once I'm finished, I'll post them up here. I'm pretty happy with what I've done so far. The other sets I'm going to be apart of are very exciting, but I can't talk about them yet. More on that soon! Til' next time!