Sunday, November 2, 2014

Inktober Finale and Fantasticon!

Hey everyone, we'll start off this weeks post with the remaining entries for 'Inktober'.


 Dr. Zaius!

 General Thade.

 Paul Gray.


Drew this last night at The Loft in Mount Clemens, where we held a special Motor City Sketch getogether.  It was a great turnout.  Here are a few other pics from the event:

 Yours truly.

(photo credit goes to Kelly Nemzek and Deborah Benedic, who hosted the event).

Alright, lastly I will be a the Fantasticon next weekend (Saturday, November 8th) at the Gibraltor Trade Center in Mount Clemens.  I will be sharing space with local artist Jeff Sornig (follow him on Instagram @sornigrafix), and a few other locals such as Bruce Gerlach, "Diamond" Demone Amerson, and Erick Guiterrez will be there as well. Should be a good time.  For more info, check out

Until then...