Sunday, March 1, 2015

Great Lakes Comic Con and things to come!

Hey everyone.  Once again, it has been a minute since I posted anything; due to my work schedule and trying to get my own personal work done for the upcoming convention season, I haven't had too much time.  But, now were in full swing of things.  Let's get started shall we?

First off, here are the first of what will be a larger series of horror film prints.  I have a few other ideas in mind, so hopefully I will have a few more before C2E2.

This past Friday night and all day yesterday was the Great Lakes Comic Con in Warren, MI.  Overall it was a HUGE improvement from last year, and the orangizers obviously went the extra mile in every way.  Since the Detroit Fanfare, which usually took place in October, was laid to rest, it looks like this will be the show that gets event goers to gear up for the rest of the season.  Attendace was EASILY 3 times as many as last year's show.  I was only able to snap two pictures:

Finally, here are the other shows I have on the horizon as of today:

-Indiana Comic Con, Indianapolis, IN. March 13-15.
-When Visions Collide 2, Tangent Gallery, Detroit, MI. April 11.
-C2E2, Chicago, Ill. April 24-26.
-Cherry Capital Comic Con, Traverse City, MI. May 22-24.
-Monroe Comic Con, Monroe, MI. October 3.

Thanks for reading.


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